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Get to know GRUPO VG

We are a Group connected to the future, made up of four autonomous and interdependent companies, all committed to sustainability and ESG. Awareness, determination and excellence are words that guide the VG Group and its companies.

  • Original and tailored projects for every need

  • Excellent service and focused on problem solving

  • Trained, intelligent and driven by passion professionals

  • Innovative, disruptive and strategic jobs

  • Focus on consistent and measurable results

  • Projects with purposes allied for results

  • Social and environmental responsibility

We are connected to a wide network of people and companies that have the potential to change the world. For the best:


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A Business Ecosystem

The VG Group was created with the aim of structuring, strengthening and guiding market segments through the sustainable growth of each one of our operations.

Our conduct is based on practical ways, always with purpose, which value “green”, sustainability, and generate perennial benefits for companies and society.

Connecting brands, people and the planet!

Our actions of VG Group are based on a greater purpose, which is to value “green” and sustainability, and generate permanent benefits for both companies and society.

Connecting brands, people and the planet!

Our actions of VG Group are based on a greater purpose, which is to value green and sustainability, and generate permanent benefits for both companies and society.

Value Purpose

Enable innovative projects that transform the way people live in the world. This is what moves us every day.

innovation and technology

State-of-the-art technology and capacity to invest in research & development are part of the principles of all the companies in the GRUPO VG

True ESG

Projects that are concerned with sustainability, social aspects and real governance. No Greenwashing. We develop and integrate all the tips for our customers and partners.




The largest landscaping structure in Brazil

For over a decade, Vertical Garden has offered the best and most modern in vertical gardens and landscaping. It was the first company in the world to specialize in four types of vegetation material: natural, artificial, preserved and moss. In addition, it has a multidisciplinary team that works in partnership with the best professionals in all phases of the project, from conception to implementation and maintenance of landscaping.

Nature-based Solutions (NBS)

ONE represents the maximum innovation combined with creativity and experience to positively impact society with solutions based on nature. It develops 100% sustainable projects that impact people and value companies in society. Focuses on nature- based ESG solutions. The projects developed by ONE have a purpose and strive for social and environmental responsibility. The company's values are based on the global nature-based Solution concept, which uses nature as a reference to overcome the most diverse challenges of today's society.

Turning Sustainability into Experience

G-BRANDS is an agency 100% dedicated to green marketing. In other words, focused on promoting sustainable values within a company, with internal actions that generate value and external activations, communicating this “green” essence to the market. BRANDS is intelligence, strategy, innovation and action. It is green marketing, allied to social and environmental responsibility, in addition to full respect for life, the environment, nature and everything that is part of it. It organizes the best sustainability practices and then spreads out with planning and wisdom.

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Design for life

Design for life is a creation studio that develops large creative and exclusive projects for the corporate and residential segments. They are minimalist artworks signed by the brothers Adriano and Bruno Watanabe, specialists in sustainable projects that impact nature and people's lives.

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Our Purpose

Innovate and enable projects that transform the way people live in the world

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote well-being through the implementation of biophilic design. The complete service and innovation in performance landscaping express our essence. To make it feasible, we combine creativity, technology and a team of multi-professionals who love nature, integrating technical, artistic, scientific and economically sustainable knowledge for each project.

Our Vision

We believe that sustainability starts with people. Our existence should help citizens to be aware of their origin and the importance of nature in their lives, helping them to value and respect the beauty and natural resources of the planet. We will always seek the pioneer spirit in transforming sustainability and implementing a viable and harmonious “green” for all people and corporations.